The making of… 365 self-portraits

The making of... 365 self-portraits

I’m 22 days under way with with my second batch of 365 self-portraits. I had forgotten what I felt towards the end of my first series: that it’s quite hard to think of something interesting to photograph every single day. I was happy I completed the project first time round, because it got quite tiring to take a photo of myself every day. Apparently I forgot about those feelings when I decided to start round 2. But now I will just accept that I can’t be creative all the time, so sometimes you will just see me doing something quite boring, like cooking dinner or doing the paperwork.

So how do I take my pictures? Sometimes I just point and shoot my Canon Powershot 95 at myself. Nothing fancy, nothing too difficult, no photographic rules. Other times I set up my Nikon D5000 and can take up to ten (or more!) shots before I’m happy with the result. No, I never act out a scene, but sometimes it just takes many shots before I like the way it looks. Sometimes I don’t know what to do and just pose with something I like, like in the picture above. (Do you like the notebook as much as I do? I got it at Nina’s lovely store, she sells the cutest notebooks!)

Then I edit the one shot I like in Photoshop. It can be an adjustment of the levels (make a photo just a bit lighter), I can crop photo (resize it or make it squared), turn it into a black and white picture, or I go mental and change all colorcurves to get a cross-processed look. In the photo above I adjusted the vibrance level (which is next to the (de)saturation button) and cropped it a bit.

So there you have it, the making of my 365 self-portraits. The best thing about it is that I never know what the project will look like when completed. It’s a suprise what every day and every photo brings. Doesn’t that make life very exciting?

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