This week in pictures: 2013, week 7

Gosh, I feel so blessed, it’s been a wonderful week! Great things: a fresh new haircut, dinner and catching up with someone I hadn’t seen for a while, really feeling my baby kick (kick? Felt more like a complete gymnastics-routine going on in there!) for the first time on Valentine’s day, and learning how to make a log cabin blanket at Ja Wol (warning: this type of knitting is very addictive!).

Could this week get any better? Well, yes! MeetTheTweet was such a success, I’m so happy! It was great meeting so many fantastic, nice and creative people. And wow, I even got lovely presents, thank you, you’re the best! Unfortunately, co-host Ria was ill and had to stay at home, which really sucked. So here’s a great big virtual hug for the lovely Ria, and of course for co-host Nina as well. What a great job she did, making a book with all our favorite quotes and blogtips!

MeetTheTweet 1

Meet The Tweet 2

Meet The Tweet 3

Meet The Tweet 4Thank you ALL for coming, and I hope to see you soon, somewhere, someday, sometime again!


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