The making of… This week in pictures

Today I’ll show you how I made this ‘This week in pictures‘.

1. I start with brainstorming, thinking about the things I did that week. What is worth illustrating, or better, what is easy enough to draw (yes, I’m lazy)? I like to go swimming on Sunday and I find that half an hour of being alone in that pool always gives me a very clear image in my head of This Week in Pictures. Then I sketch in my sketchbook, making a rough drawing. When I’m happy about it, I draw each element on a white sheet of printerpaper, with a pencil.

The Making of This Week in Pictures (1)


2. For this illustration, it depended on the typed out text where each element would end up, so I drew  everything seperately. Sometimes I have a complete drawing with handwritten text so my illustration is complete before I digitalize it. Here, I traced the seperate elements with my favorite fineliner and erased all pencil-lines.



3. Then I hit the scanner! In Photoshop, I make a new document and cut out the separate elements and roughly place them where they should be. By making the elements transparent, I don’t need to keep the background white. So here you see a scanned image of a notepad as a background. Sometimes I scan in my handwritten text, but in this case I checked 1001Fonts and chose a nice handwritten font. Then I type my story and move things around until I’m pleased with the complete picture.



4. I could stick with a black and white picture, but I like adding collage-elements, like real fabrics. Here you see me making pants from a scanned sweatshirt. When I’ve added all those elements, I check the final result and when I’m completely satisfied, I hit the save button!



This is my way of illustrating digitally. I just figure things out as I go along, probably not always doing it the correct ‘artschool’ way. How about you? Do you have great tips or tricks you’d like to share with us?

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