The making of… A handbound atlas book

Handbound book from an old atlasA very nice Danish person bought this book through my Etsy shop. It’s an A5 handbound book, full of little surprises like recycled envelopes (in which you can keep cute little things), beautiful paper and pages to keep a photograph. The cover  was made from an old atlas.

Unfortunately, it got lost in the mail. That really sucked! It’s a one of a kind item and I just don’t have a whole pile of them lying around. It was the first time one of my packages got lost in the mail, and it’s not a nice feeling!

Luckily though, I once wrote down the exact content of the book (how many white pages, colored pages, envelopes, recycled pages from magazines…). So today I’m making a similar handbound book for this customer. Hopefully this one will arrive in Denmark!

The making of a handbound book

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