The making of… New businesscards

Businesscards rrrauwYou might remember I was working on restyling my blog and site ? Even though my blog and website still have the old design, changes have been made elsewhere. You might have noticed a new header on my Etsy-shop and Facebook page. And yesterday my new businesscards arrived. I’m very pleased with how it all turned out! Now I have to take the time to change the appearance of this blog, and make my blog and website become one. Even though a few people have assured me I can do it, I’m kinda scared I’ll screw up. Oh well, trial and error is always a good way to go about things, isn’t it?

I thought I’d share some of my sketches with you, so you can see how I ended up with the design of my businesscards and new banners. Since I’m so into paper and stationery, I wanted the new design to have a stationery-feel to it. Hence the notebook-background. I also wanted a handwritten and handmade feel to it, so I chose a font to reflect that. And instead of writing out what I do (photography, illustration, handmade things), I just drew them for an informal kind of businesscard. Now it might look like I just whipped this all up in a day or so, but believe me, a lot of thinking was going on,brainstorming, drawing, moving things around, erasing, putting things in the trash… It’s been fun though, I love being creative like this!

Sketching businesscards


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