This week in pictures: 2013, week 14

This week in pictures, 2013 week 14Cupcakes and Stornoway at Motel Mozaique. I guess that sums up my week in pictures! Well, I never said ‘this week in pictures’  is always comprehensive, did I?

Allright allright, I’ll use some words for this week in pictures. Basically, it’s just been a very tiring week. Not for a normal person: picking up babystuff from my sister-in-law’s family, visiting the family for Easter, working late, working out, doing yoga, going to bookbinding-class, learning to make cupcakes from a colleague and attending two days of (not the best edition of) Motel Mozaique. But I guess being pregnant just has an effect on you, which I’m still not used to. For one, I’m carrying around a whole lot of extra weight. And, well, I just get tired. A lot!  But I don’t like complaining, and I certainly am not one to take it down a notch. So yes, it’s been a very tiring week, but it ended very well with seeing the great band Stornoway live. And some other good artists like Night Beds and Marble Sounds. But hey, maybe the best thing about this week was the sun finally popping out! Yay!

So how was your week?


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