Pastoe and Gaultier

On May 2nd, Stylink organised a little tour through the Rotterdam museum Kunsthal.

We started with the exhibition ‘Like Pastoe’. The really nice Pastoe-marketing lady Liesbeth Veen talked us through the collection of this one hundred year old furniture-company. Oldies next to modern designs, advertisements next to sketches, marketing-strategies and collaborations, it was all there.


Maaike Gottschal showed us around the highly-anticipated exhibition ‘The fashion world of Jean Paul Gaultier’. I don’t think there was anyone in the Kunsthal (the queues outside are still madness!) who didn’t come to see this. I was eager too, and I loved seeing these beautiful handmade clothes up close. However, it might be because of the heat, of the many people, of the fact that I’m pretty pregnant and pretty tired, but after two rooms full of amazing dresses, the other rooms couldn’t really excite me as much. The fresh air and the silly prices in the pop-up shop at the end made me slowly come to life again.

If you’re planning a visit to the Kunsthal, do it soon. But don’t worry too much about Gaultier, go for Pastoe. It’s surprisingly interesting and inspiring! You might even see your grandma’s furniture there, classics you didn’t even know were Dutch design. And if you’ve really fallen in love with something, you can even get your hands on a piece from the exhibition: there’s an auction on May 27th!

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