The making of… A DIY screenprint

At artschool, I tried screenprinting once. It was fun, and I loved the result, but it wasn’t exactly something I could do at home, so the enthousiasm faded (remember I’m the ‘less is more’, ‘easy does it’ type). When the new conceptstore Urlaub opened and announced a workshop DIY screenprinting by the wonderful illustrator Femke Veltkamp, I had a good excuse to visit the store and try screenprinting again.

I’m so happy I signed up for this, because it was so much fun! We started with sketching simple shapes which we then cut out of a plastic sheet. Tape that to an embroidery-ring with a piece of fine fabric and voila, there’s your printing screen! We first practiced on paper to get the hang of it. Once we were confident we could pull it off, we started printing on fabric, in this case a scarf. As you see,  you get an awesome result with very simple shapes. No need for difficult drawings. After ten years, my enthousiasm for screenprinting had returned. Thank you Femke and your lovely assistent! Good thing she made little DIY kits, now I can continue doing this at home.

Even if you won’t be doing a workshop, I suggest you take a little trip to Urlaub anyway. It’s a lovely, inspiring place with lots of beautiful illustrative things for sale. From pillows to clothes, from books to jewellery. I know I’ll be back again someday!

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