The making of… rrrauw vs rommelhok

Once I wrote about how my brother had this great 30-day project, drawing critters doing all sorts of things. Hilarious, I’m such a fan of his work! Then one day he was looking for a new project, and asked me to help him. Me? He said I had the humor to think of 30 funny things to draw for his next challenge. Once again: Me?

Being the loyal sister that I am, I agreed. I had about two weeks to come up with a list of funny things he could draw. I kept a piece of paper with me at all times, and when I was doing something like knitting or cooking, I thought of things and wrote them down. I selected the best 30 and sent them to him.

We’re now into day 12, and I just love seeing what he’s come up with everyday! Like I said, I think his work is hilarious, and I can’t wait to see the next 18 drawings! Here’s a very small selection of the drawings so far. Check this page everyday to see his new work!

2 gedachtes over “The making of… rrrauw vs rommelhok

  1. milo ( zegt:

    Well, the list of things itself was pretty hilarious too, you know. I laughed out loud just reading through it.

    And then I cried a few times because I realized drawing some of those things was going to be really, really hard.

    But it’s worth it. It’s great to be inspired by someone else’s sense of humor like this. Thanks a lot!

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