The making of… A screenprinted blanket

I turned an old dress into a cute babyblanket. Here’s how:

1: I took the old dress and cut it open and cut off the top so I had one long piece of fabric // 2: I used my DIY Screenprint kit from Windstilte but you can read here what you need // 3:  I printed the clouds randomly on the fabric, but of course you can print a neat pattern if you like // 4: I cut a piece the size of the dress from a soft piece of thick, soft jersey, and sewed the pieces together. Right sides face eachother. Don’t forget to leave a hole of about 10 cm at the bottom so you can turn the fabric right sides out again // 5: After turning the right sides out, I closed the hole at the bottom // 6: I pressed the seams and ironed the print so it won’t wash off // 7: I sewed a neat little line across all sides. This is compulsory, if you like your blanket without it that’s fine!

So there you go, easy does it!

Screenprint blanket baby

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