Inspiration Friday: Yoga

It’s a bit off-topic maybe, yoga. After all, it’s not about photography, or something handmade, or an inspiring illustrator. But yoga is what inspires me and I guess in some way influences everything I do, so why not share my personal yoga-story with you?

I started doing yoga out of curiosity, during my collegeyears. I discovered that it made me a better person in many ways. It helped me focus my mind and body. My creative mind can be an enormous mess and the chaos it produces can put a strain on everything. My body and mind can get very restless, but when I practice yoga, I calm down, physically and mentally. I need it to stay sane!

Through this lovely and inspiring lady I discovered Thai Yoga Massage. I went on to do a course to become a certified masseuse. I loved making people feel better through yoga, and it made me feel better too. Sadly I got ill and never finished it. I also put my little secret dream to become a yogateacher away. I went on to do other things, I started an Etsy shop, and focussed more on handmade, photography and illustration.

I still love doing yoga, even now I’m pregnant. I can’t wait, however, till my body’s normal again. I know yoga is all about being here and now and accepting yourself as you are, but I want to start each day with sun salutations again, I want to move my whole body again, and I’m longing to learn acroyoga. My yogateachers are so inspiring, I want to learn much more from them than just how to get through this pregnancy and the delivery!

For now I’ll just dream my yogadreams (I know that after birth and once I start working again, I still won’t have time to do yoga daily…), and get inspired through this beautiful video. It’s some sort of commercial for yoga-jeans (what?), but look beyond that! For me this video is about incorporating yoga in your daily life. It’s not about going to class once a week and wearing the perfect yoga-outfit, about doing yoga because it’s cool and all celebrities do it and claim it gives them the perfect body. It’s about living and breathing yoga, about how yoga is in everything you do.

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