The making of… A paper mobile

In one of my favorite shops I saw beautiful paper by Rie Elise Larsen. I also saw a cute handmade paper ball. I put one and one together and decided to make a paper mobile. With some explanation from shopowner Lisa, I returned home to make a mobile for the little one to be.

You need: paper cut up in circles, 20 per ball (I used Lisa’s circular papercutter), doublesided tape, string and a piece of cardboard cut up in a triangle that fits inside the circle. I got the actual hanger for the mobile here, but you can use wooden sticks or anything else of course!

1: Fold all circles around the triangle. // 2: With doublesided tape on the edges (glue would wrinkle or mess up the paper!) stick the first five circles together. // 3: Put a long piece of string (you can always make it shorter) through the top hole. You can stick it to the inside with doublesided tape, but you can also attach it to a bead that’s bigger than the hole. Then build up the rest of the ball. Basically, the top and bottom half use up 5 circles each (so 10 in total), the middle ring uses the other 10. It’s difficult to explain in writing, but when you make this yourself it becomes clear, I promise! // 4: And there’s your first ball! Now make as many you like and attach them all to your hanger!

A paper mobile

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