The making of… Visual Journaling

“Have you ever wanted to create a story using your own images or ideas but were too afraid to begin or didn’t know where to start?? Visual journaling is a fantastic way to dive in and break down the fears and imaginary barriers that may exist in creating your own unique story!” How could I resist, reading this description of the Visual Journaling artist bootcamp by Camp Pikaland?

Work in Progress: Visual JournalingThree assignments into the five-week course, I’m still happy I signed up. It’s the perfect way to spend my maternityleave! Honestly though, I have no clue how I would’ve coped if I worked fulltime. It’s a bootcamp allright, there’s no room for leaning back and starting your homework one day before the deadline! I spend my days thinking, sketching, cutting and pasting, illustrating and writing. It’s a lot of work, but I love it!

I like the set-up of this online course. There’s a lot of interaction between students, commenting on eachother’s work (in progress) and questions. Also, teachers Jamie Shelman and Amy Ng comment on your work very thoroughly, giving tips and advise on how to make it better, pointing out what works well and how you could improve. Who says you need to physically sit together in a classroom?

For assignment 1, we needed to collect everything that inspired us, everything we saw we had to paste in our Moleskine. No need to think about anything, if we liked it, it had to go in there. For assignment 2, we had to develop a character for the story (and think of his whole life and background, motives, fears, likes, futureplans etc) and put him in the Moleskine. We could also start adding and changing the scraps we pasted in, to make things coherent. For assignment 3 we had to create our own font and write the story.

Now we’re at the start of the last assignment: turning everything we did the first three weeks into a story fully illustrated and written by ourselves. Scary, but very exciting!

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