Inspiration Friday: Swan Walk

Today I treated myself to a day out, a day away from the couch. I attended the Swan Walk, a three-day event organised by shops in the northern area of Rotterdam called the Zwaanshals. Even though I quite frequently visit my favorites Elle Aime and Ja Wol, I grabbed this opportunity to discover other shops in that area. I had a good motivator (besides all the fun workshops and showcases, special discounts and other nice things during this event): if you got a stamp at eight shops you would receive a goodiebag at the finishline.

I met lovely shopowners, discovered very nice shops and was inspired by all the great things they made themselves and/or sold. I was even allowed to make some things myself, which I love, obviously. At Elle Aime I decorated my own little tea-plate (or whatever you call a little plate on which you can put your used teabags). At her neighbour, Urban Nomads, I got to decorate my own totebag, which was fun! I was very much in love with almost everything in this shop. I saw cute babystuff, lovely handmade clothes and jewellery, but I managed to control myself and only bought a beautiful screenprinted scarf by owner and designer Kirsty Nagel. Because the sun was shining and I was hungry, I treated myself to a delicious panini at Tony’s Place.

Other shops I discovered and loved: MNDS, a shoeshop so to my taste (such a shame my feet are very pregnant which means I can hardly wear any shoes at the moment), run by a very beautiful and lovely lady. I hope you’re not yet bored by my extensive use of the words ‘beautiful’ and ‘lovely’, because they also apply to Olga Korstanje. She sells amazing handmade leather bags and purses, as well as great accessories and jewellery, and the most beautiful (and unfortunately way beyond my budget) blankets ever! There’s definitely some things there that I’ll put on my Christmas-list! The tour ended at Sweatshop Deluxe, the organisers of this event. They sell unique and handmade designs. There I got a goodiebag, a totebag by Suzanne Hoenderboom, filled with delicious cookies and chocolate, a cactus (oh yes!) and discount-coupons. Yay! What a great way to end this inspiring treat to myself!

If you’re in the city of Rotterdam this weekend, do make sure to ‘do the Swan Walk’ (6 and 7th of July)! Discover lovely shops and meet the inspiring and ever-so-kind owners and designers!

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