The making of… Baby stuff

With a baby due tomorrow (how time flies!), I’ve been busy making things for this little one. Remember the paper mobile, the screenprinted baby blanket, or the musical mobile? Well, there’s even more! I thought I’d share these other finished projects with you:

There’s a second blanket I made with fabric I had left over. No screenprinting here, just sewing. Then I knitted this sweater which is for a year old child (one can never start too early on these things). You can find the pattern here. Incidently, it’s the first ever sweater I knitted, so I’m kind of proud it worked out allright! And then a little project which didn’t exactly turn out perfect. It’s a baby rattle made from leftover fabric, from a pattern I got from this magazine. It turned out a bit crooked, but oh well, I had fun making it.

Are you making things yourself, either for a baby or for yourself or someone else? Please share it with us, I’d love to see what you’re up to!

2 gedachtes over “The making of… Baby stuff

    • rrrauw zegt:

      Dank je wel! En jij ook succes natuurlijk, met je laatste trimester! Slim gedaan trouwens, van die rok met het hemd (op de blog)… Voor mij nu te laat, maar wie weet, voor een volgende keer 🙂

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