Inspiration Friday: Studio Brun

Studio Brun - Hello AdventurerThis image is by one of my favorite Dutch illustrators, Studio Brun (you can call her Sterre when you bump into her personally though). I just love love love her style! It’s so clean and strong, clear and crisp! 

What’s even better is that she recently started a very inspiring blog (I mean, how can a blogpost with the title ‘Do more of what makes you happy’ not appeal to you?) and a project called ‘Hello Adventurer‘. Now this is just amazing, because she posts illustrations of inspiring texts like ‘It never gets easier, you just get better’, ‘Wander on’, ‘Be frank’ and ‘Go explore!’. I just love it so much! It really inspires me to think about my own situation, my own dreams, my own ways of doing things and my future. It makes me want to be an adventurer too!

Go check it out and let Studio Brun inspire you too!


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