Inspiration Friday: The e-reader

Last weekend, my mum showed me her e-reader and told me about all its joys. I had been considering one myself since university. In our Book and Publishing Study classes we discussed the pros and cons of e-readers. Would they be the future of books? Would we really stop printing on paper and start reading from a screen? Mind you, these discussions took place in 2002/2003! Our teacher had an e-reader. How fascinating that was! However, since I’m such a fan of paper (is it weird that I actually like smelling books?), I never bought one myself. I could not believe I’d actually enjoy reading that way.

My mum convinced me though. She was so enthusiastic about her e-reader (and made a little donation to encourage me even more) that I went out and bought one the next day. What can I say, I love the thing! You see, since The Little One is taking up a lot of time and attention, it’s been a while since I’ve actually opened a book. I have, however, spent an awful lot of time on my iPad, refreshing my twitter and facebook timelines, to the point that I felt so useless at the end of the day because I hadn’t actually done anything but read other people’s updates.

Now I’m reading every single day. A page or so during breastfeeding (very handy, since I don’t need my hands to keep the book open, which can be a hassle with a baby in the way), a page here and there, and before I go to sleep. So I’m reading again and it makes me very happy! Thank you mum for inspiring me to finally get an e-reader.

How about you? Do you prefer reading from paper, or have you bought yourself an e-reader too?

Kobo e-reader


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