Inspiration Friday: Hoxton Handmade

Some of you may know that I used to work in radio. I was the producer, but a brief period of time I also presented a radioshow in the night. It was fantastic! I’ve always loved radio more than television. Maybe because you need your own imagination to make visuals to go with the sound? I always loved listening to the voices of DJs, not knowing what they look like.

Many years ago, together with some musical friends, we had an idea to make a podcast. Unfortunately, we did a lot of planning, but never went ahead with it. I’ve always loved the idea though, to make radio from your own livingroom.

Fast forward many years to an afternoon at Ja Wol. Very pregnant at the time, I chatted with my knitting friends about how lovely it is to just sit, knit and chat, and that I had gotten bored knitting on the couch on my own. Owner of the shop, Saskia, brought up Hoxton Handmade, a blog with a podcast called Electric Sheep. All ‘the electric sheep’ does is talk about knitwear, what’s on her needles, on knittingbooks, and knitting events. Sounds dull? It certainly is not! She has the perfect British sense of humor and even though it’s a podcast, it feels like I’m sitting with my knitting friends. The only difference is that I don’t join the conversation!

I don’t think I’ll find the time to podcast myself anytime soon, but it sure is inspiring to see (or rather, hear) people who just go ahead and do it! Who knows, one day…

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