Inspiration Friday: My Colleague M. van V.

Sketch of my colleague

Here’s a quick sketch of my colleague M. van V.  I drew from memory. He is such an inspiring figure! He’s a graphic designer and we talk a lot about design, photography, film, branding and art. He’s always reading books about it and attending talks and lectures on various subjects. Then he tells us about it and I always feel ashamed I don’t keep up and stay updated myself. Just the way he keeps himself informed is already inspiring enough.

Sometimes he just sends me an email with a link to a song by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and asks what I think of it. Before you know it we are discussing endless possibilities of filmmaking and what we can learn from such a video. When I told him I’d seen the Oskar Kokoschka exhibition, we talked about oil paint and how to work with it. He’s so enthusiastic that I immediately want to go home and get out the oil paint again!

Of course this sketch looks nothing like him, but I tried to capture the fierceness in his eyes and the messy white hair that totally resembles his chaotic, artistic way of thinking and odd sense of humor. Too bad he’ll retire in May next year!

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