It’s almost 2014…

What a year it’s been! I’m still alive, and I’m still sane, but only because I took a little break from blogging and all that social media. I was so busy constantly checking up on what everyone else was doing, I didn’t have time to live my own life! So with 2014 on the doorstep, here’s what I’ll try to do differently in the new year:

365_2013_12_30Taking a self-portrait every single day was a great way to record the biggest change of my life, from being pregnant and literally growing bigger and bigger, to giving birth and being a mother. But I’m really looking forward to a year in which photography is fun again, as it was getting a bit of a nuisance the last couple of weeks. I’m dusting off all my lomography camera’s to shoot good old fashioned film that needs to be developed.

I’ll be working on being more relaxed in 2014, taking it easy, not driving myself insane. Living the life that really matters, with the people that really matter. Taking time for real conversations instead of quick 140 character tweets, taking time to tell people face to face that I like what they’re doing instead of just pressing that Like button twenty times a day. I’ve already had a little break from twitter and facebook the past two months, only checking it twice or three times a day, and it has made my life a lot less stressful. Let’s see if I can reduce that even more.

By reducing my time online, I have more time for the things I love doing so much. I want to develop my knittingskills (master continental knitting, fair isle, try knitting a cable here and there) and draw and illustrate more. I want to bake more cakes and cook more healthy meals. Do more yoga and run 5k again. Play more with The Little One and spend more quality time with K. And even though I am a city girl, I want to go outside more, enjoy nature and smell the fresh air.

I guess for me it’s all about the word slow: I’ll be trying to take it slow in 2014. How about you?

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