Sustainable fashion

Quote KuyichiMany, many years ago, I worked for a broadcasting company which was all about sustainability. Unfortunately, telling people about the importance of a green lifestyle avant la lettre meant that people didn’t really want to listen. They just couldn’t care, so we only got a broadcasting-license for five years, after that it ended. How things have changed! Sustainability is hotter than ever, and while people used to laugh at us for being, as we say in Dutch, geitenwollensokken, now it’s all the rage.

One of my goals at that time was to buy fair and eco fashion, fashion that did not harm the world. Sadly, most of the eco fashion at that time was very eco, but not very fashionable. And to fill my closet just with Kuyichi wasn’t very good for my wallet. So I threw my goal overboard, just like that.

Lately I’ve been thinking about that goal again. For the Little One, we got bags full of second and thirdhand clothes, which is very sustainable. I also bought him some new stuff, much of which is made from organic cotton. However, organic cotton does not automatically mean no sweat shops, but hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere right? Which brings me to the blog of the very sustainable and fashionable designer Windward Wearables. Besides making the most beautiful scarves from hemp, she also gives us inspiring tips about a sustainable closet. The first tip: Start small. Yes, I can do that! And so when my mother read about us eating more organic, and asked if I was buying eco clothes too, I thought: Why not give it a go again? I’m in desperate need of some new clothes, why not get some green ones? (Or, if we’re really being sustainable here: Do I really need new clothes…?)

So as part of the slow life I’m embracing, I will not only try to go eco on the inside, but also on the outside. Feel free to share your tips, I’d love to hear them!

(To remind myself of the importance of my new challenge, I illustrated this inspiring quote I found at the Kuyichi website.)

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  1. rudi zegt:

    My friend recently hosted a clothes swapping party and I think everyone should start doing this. You save clothes you no longer wear and bring it to the clothes swapping party hosted by either you or your friend(s), and someone else may find treasure in your pile of neglected and unwanted clothes. It’s like getting new clothes for free. Whatever is leftover you can donate it to your local thrift store, etc.

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