Focus and dedication

Boxing glovesMy personal trainer organized a four-week introduction to kickboxing. I didn’t have to think about it for a second (well, not completely true, I had to check with my bf’s plans, can’t just leave The Little One home alone): count me in!

Interestingly enough, I often have great difficulty with focus, as my mind wanders and it’s all over the place, but during activities like this, it’s no problem at all. There’s focus, extreme dedication, and when it’s over I’m tired but full of energy. During kickboxing there’s no thought in my head, I’m fully concentrated on doing what I have to do. So what is it that makes it work there, but not in other areas of my life? Is it part of the creative process to wander and think a million thoughts at once and thus by nature impossible to stay focussed? Food for thought, I think… How about you, do you find it easy or difficult to stay focussed?

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