Inspiration Friday: Lila Ruby King

Every Wednesday I pick up our weekly share of organic fruits and vegetables at Stek, a citygardenshop, as the owners call it. Even though I don’t have a garden or balcony, and anything green always dies if I have to care for it, the shop makes me eternally happy. It’s such a great place! It’s filled with plants and everything you could possible need to do some (indoor) gardening yourself. Maybe I’ll just have to do a little workshop there, have them teach me how to be succesful in keeping my greens green.

They also sell artwork that is somehow related to nature and gardening. As I was doing my weekly browsing around (I’d love to buy something, but there’s nothing there I actually need) I saw beautiful illustrated postcards by Lila Ruby King. My heart jumped a little, I love her work! You know when you see something and think ‘gosh, I really wish I could do that!’? That’s how I feel about her work. Well, when I say her, I mean illustrator Anna, as she is the woman behind Lila Ruby King. Her style, which is all about nature, is so inspiring, and her story too. She strives to work carbon neutral and environmentally friendly and recycles where possible. I suggest you check out her website (see the screenshot below, it’s adorable!) and her Etsy shop. It’s spring, I think that’s a good reason to invite nature in, don’t you?

Homepage Lila Ruby King

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