Immer Urlaub

I might have mentioned before that I love illustrator Ellen Vesters and her conceptstore Immer Urlaub? Well, combine that with another great illustrator, Marloes de Vries, and a workshop on illustration and assignments, and you just know I had a great afternoon in Utrecht!

As I would love to work for magazines, I choose to make an illustration for an article in the Dutch magazine Flow. Others chose a poem or a childers’ story to work with. First we had to associate freely, draw whatever popped up in our minds. Then we took a different approach and made a mindmap. From there we had to sketch more and finally make one illustration to accompany the article, poem or story.

It was a very inspiring and educational afternoon. It was so interesting to hear tips and tricks from illustrators who do commissioned work all the time. They talked about building a portfolio, about ways to approach clients, do’s and don’t’s, we talked about freeing the mind and finding your own style… My head almost exploded from all the information I wanted to soak in, I learned so much! I also really enjoyed Marloes’ personal story on becoming an illustrator. Very inspiring!

So, to go further down that illustration-road, I’ve treated myself to Lisa Manuels mini-summerschool this summer. I’m sure I will learn lots and lots and dig deeper into my developing my own style. Four days of illustrating, I can’t wait! Will I see you there?

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