Walk The Walk

On October 25th 2013 I decided to set a goal for myself: run the Rotterdam mini-marathon (4.2 k) on April 12th, 2013. I was totally out of shape, my pregnancy-fat was still very present and I couldn’t run a mile if my life depended on it.

On April 12th, I crossed the finishline on the Coolsingel after 25 minutes and 24 seconds. As The Little One is almost nine months old, I have lost all (and more) of my pregnancy-fat and I’m in better shape than ever. I’ve worked very hard with the help of the most wonderful personal trainer ever, and even though I know I could’ve run a better time (but try getting through a mass of people who run slower than you do, it’s impossible), I’m actually very proud of myself. I did it, yay!

Oh, and I treated myself to a Pentel Brush Pen, which I just had to use for this quickly made illustration.

Mini marathon Rotterdam

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