Illustrated Tote

For a while I had been looking for the perfect totebag. I just couldn’t find it, it was either too small, too big, the fabric was too cheap, the print wasn’t nice enough, it was too white, too black. Nothing I saw matched the bag I saw in my head. Then, as I was writing this blogpost on Lila Ruby King and I was browsing her Etsy shop, I saw the most perfect fabric. Then I realised: If I wanted my perfect totebag, I had to make it myself!

So I ordered a half yard of ‘Snowy river damask’ and a half a yard of her ‘bugs’ fabric and started sewing. I used this pattern, which is for a reversible tote. Even though I don’t intend to use it inside out, it’s still a great and super easy pattern. I finished the whole thing in two hours. Now I have the perfect and very unique totebag!

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