The Handmade Pouch

As a big fan of Dutch designer Susan Bijl, I was thrilled when she launched her new product, the pouch. Even though I never thought I needed one, suddenly I could think of a hundred reasons why I needed a pouch. Or two. And now I’m addicted to the pouch! I use them in different ways: to store my lipbalm, stamps, keys, phone, pens and telephone. That way I don’t need to gather all my things everytime I use a different bag. I just pick up the pouch and know I have everything with me. I also store my drawing-materials in a larger pouch, so I have all my pencils and pens in one place. Very handy.

Being a fan of DIY and having yet another beautiful piece of fabric from Lila Ruby King, but being afraid of zippers, I decided to challenge myself. I wanted to make my own pouch! So I found some nice fabric for the inside, searched for an easy tutorial for a lined pouch,which I found here (there’s a similar tutorial in English on Purl Bee), and just tried it.

Although it didn’t turn out perfect (I was in a bit of a struggle with the zipper at one end, so I didn’t cover up the ends perfectly), I’m very pleased with the way it turned out. I think I might actually have overcome my fear of zippers…

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