Dare I say it? That I’ve only just recently (as in, last week) opened an Instagram account? I’ve kept it out of my life for so long, I didn’t want yet another social media account to keep me from living my offline life. I managed to resist and resist and resist… But this blogpost inspired me to open an account. And it makes sense. After all, I’m a visual thinker/maker, what better way to express myself than through pictures? But it’s not just that. I’m in a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I think Mouseblossom really hits the spot when she writes “Feels a little like telling people that I don’t care, but I do” about quitting Facebook. I don’t want to quit Facebook because, like her, I do really care about what my friends do. I just don’t care about all those stupid ‘oh my god you really have to see this’ video’s, all the silly cats running around being cute, all the ‘I ran 3000 miles with Runkeeper’ posts. I miss original content!

So I decided to give Instagram a go. I’ve only just opened my account, so I haven’t posted a lot yet and I’m still trying to find people with interesting content for me to follow, but so far I enjoy the ride. Opening the app and scrolling through fresh, original, and beautiful pictures just makes me very happy. It puts a smile on my face. Something neither Facebook nor Twitter have done in a very long time.

Rivka de Jonge on InstagramTell me, which Instagram accounts are really worth following?


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