Spinning Wool

As a fan of good old craftsmanship, learning to spin wool had been on my wishlist for a long time. A spinning wheel in the house, however, was not (lack of space, lack of energy to dive into that world and figure out what to get and how it works, etcetera). So I was thrilled when someone told me about the drop spindle, and a good place nearby to learn how to spin wool with it!

Last Saturday I spent a whole afternoon in Karin’s garden and she taught me the basics of woolspinning with a drop spindle. I learned things about sheep, types of yarn, grease, fibers, and did a whole lot of practicing. She gave me a big bunch of wool (white wool mixed with some dyed yarn) to take home, which was so nice! Now I’ve spun all that wool I can’t wait to knit something with it. I think that’s truly the most amazing thing ever, to get the wool straight from a sheep (dirty and all, so you have to clean and wash it yourself too), spin it yourself, and then knit something you can wear with pride. I’m hooked!

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