Illustration Bootcamp

I spent the last four days locked up inside Elle Aime, being drilled during an illustration bootcamp by illustrators Lisa Manuels and Sarah Pronk. It sounds a lot worse than it was! I had a truly fantastic time. I mean, when do I ever have the time to illustrate four days in a row? And not only that, I learned so much! Lisa and Sarah took us through a whole lot of techniques and materials. In the mornings we did little assignments to get acquainted with the materials of the day, experiment our asses off, then we had a fabulous vegan lunch, and the afternoons were spent working on one big assignment.

The first day we worked with (colored) pencils and fineliner. Lo and behold, I actually loved colored pencils! I had no idea all the cool things I could do with it! For our big assignment we had to design a (part of a) pattern.
Illustrated rocket, moon, saturn

The second day was all about papercutting and collage. The afternoon was spent making a cover for a book or album. I choose a cookbook (which doesn’t exist, by the way). As you might know, I’ve worked with cutting paper before, but I discovered ways to add more depth to a papercut illustration. Awesome!
Illustrated book cover

Day three was all about colored ink (ecoline) and gouache. I found the colored ink so-so, but gouache interests me. I need to try it out much more to really feel comfortable using it, but it’s definitely something to put in my illustration-toolbox!
Illustrated quote

On the last day we could choose our own assignment. I wanted to explore gouache a bit more and decided to illustrate a map of the Rotterdam city centre in a fun way. It’s not finished yet, but I’ll show you anyway.
Illustrated map of Rotterdam

I’m really glad I treated myself to this inspiring summercourse. It was a great way to learn new things, discover more about my own style, and build my portfolio. Thanks Lisa, Sarah and the wonderful other students for a great (mini)week!

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