Waves of Life

Translation of my visual journal entry: It’s all just a little bit too much.

It’s been very hectic lately. I’ve been going on autopilot, switching between my extremely busy job, taking care of the little one and making all these decisions about our new home and about moving. Me-time? Can’t remember what that feels like.

I know when it’s all getting too much when I start googling ‘mindfulness course Rotterdam’, buy Happinez, start reading about ways to eat healthy and have a desperate longing towards anything to do with nature. But since I don’t actually make time to really do something about it (don’t have time or energy for a course, don’t have time or energy to buy all these healthy ingredients and cook something from Kyra’s Kitchen and I can’t drag myself off the couch to get in touch with nature) I still feel, well… Let’s just say I’ve felt better.

On top of that, my beloved grandmother passed away yesterday. Such is life, but she will be missed.

Don’t worry, I will be ok, life is always made up of waves of being relaxed and waves of busy running. I just hope the busy wave will be over soon, so I have time to do clear my mind, do nothing, and then do some illustrating and knitting again. On the bright side: I’m very honored I’ll be teaching workshops needlebinding and woolspinning at my favorite yarnstore Ja Wol the next couple of months. See you there?

4 gedachtes over “Waves of Life

  1. Iris Vank zegt:

    Ohhh ik voel me ook al een behoorlijke tijd zo. Niks leuks aan. Maar ik klamp me vast aan betere tijden die gaan komen en zeg regelmatig dingen af waarvan ik vind dat ze éigenlijk moeten maar in de kern vind ik mezelf belangrijker dan de rest.

    En sterkte met het verlies van je oma. Dat kan er zo enorm in hakken!

    • rivka de jonge zegt:

      Alles komt altijd goed, daar hou ik me altijd maar aan vast. Maar het zou fijn zijn als dat ‘sooner rather than later’ het geval was 🙂 Jij ook sterkte dan he, hopelijk komen er ook voor jou snel betere tijden aan!

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