Nothing Special

Gosh is it almost December already? How the year has flown by, I can’t believe it. The past couple of months have been absolutely crazy, with amazing highs and terrible lows. It’s literally been about life and death and everything in between. Now I’m taking a little (forced) break and doing nothing but sleep, make my own Christmas decorations and do some baking and cooking.

Inspired by Michel I also picked up my camera again to shoot a photo a day in black and white. I don’t manage everyday but that’s ok. I’m doing it for me, not to win some award. No stress there. And the topics are boring anyway, nothing special, I just shoot things in and around the house. But doing it in black and white forces me a bit to focus more on composition and depth of field, which is nice. And sometimes they’re just plain out of focus. That’s ok too, life isn’t always razorsharp, isn’t it?

A photo a day in black and white

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