It’s been a while since I actually drew something. I was just too busy with other things, I didn’t have or make the time to sit down and do things I love. A couple of nights ago, during my little ‘STOP!’ break, I flicked through ‘The Creative License’ by Danny Gregory instead of spending my evening googling, facebooking and instagramming. Immediately I was so inspired again, I jumped up, grabbed my visual journal and made a watercoloured version of this sketch.

Visual journal by Rivka de Jonge

I started out as usual. With pencil I sketched what I wanted to draw, coloured it in with ink, and grabbed my fineliner to outline the drawing. But then I stopped and I looked. I looked again. Wait a minute, was the fineliner really necessary? Did I really want to draw the sharp, dark lines around what I just put on paper? No! I looked again and I felt it didn’t belong. I really liked the look of things just as they were. I just drew something with no pressure at all, no care in the world whether it was good enough or not, and by not doing things like I always did them, I created something I liked very much!

Of course, when I tried to do it again a few days later by drawing my workplace, I wasn’t as happy with the result as I was with the other illustration. That’s ok though, that’s what experimenting is all about!

The workplace, illustrated by Rivka de Jonge

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