Maybe you saw on my Instagram the awesome portrait Marloes de Vries drew of The Little One? It was so cute, and of course I thought it really looked like him, but other people said so too so it’s true! It’s amazing how she can capture someone’s face and personality in pencil, ink and watercolors. I’m jealous in a healthy way.

Inspired by Marloes I decided to give it a go myself. As one of my goals is to make more time to illustrate (and experiment more to develop my own style) I sat down and drew a bunch of faces in different ways. Well, not completely different, but in different ways with pencil, ink and watercolors as that’s what I always use one way or another. I forgot gouache, but I’ll do that another time. It was fun! Some I like, some I really don’t, but that’s all part of experimenting. I must definitely do this more often!

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