Sashiko stitching

A friend suggested we spend some time together away from the kids, to do something relaxing. Since we’re both very creative and love anything to do with yarn and fabric we ended up spending that time doing a workshop Sashiko stitching. It’s a traditional Japanese form of embroidery, used as a way to fix clothing. Nowaways, apparently, it’s all about funky geometric patterns, but as it turned out, I like the traditional style more, doing freehand embroidery.

Sashiko stitching

As I started the workshop I thought ‘how much fun can this be, learning to repair my clothes?’ but as I left and as I’m sitting at home now, all I can think is ‘wow, this is so cool and so addictive, I absolutely love this technique, I want to do more more more!’. Because the awesome part about it is that you don’t actually need to repair anything. Its origin is functional, but you can make all sorts of cool ‘new’ fabrics with old bits and pieces and the freehand embroidery. And it’s such a relaxing activity to do, a perfect way to clear your mind.

I know I have too many hobbies already, but I’m afraid I think I just got myself a new one…

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