New website!

I’m so proud of my new website, the design is amazing! My talented darling K made it for me. I’m so pleased with it, it looks a thousand times better than my old site. It’s a not a replacement of this blog by the way, so don’t worry about this blog disappearing!


DIY Treats

Since The Little One turned 1 yesterday (how time flies!) I had to make treats for his kindergarten tomorrow. I won’t bore you will all the details of the exact treats for the kids and the lovely ladies (what are they called? They’re not teachers, but what are they?), I just wanted to show you this awesome stamp of a ‘superboy’ I got in Japan when I was pregnant (and at the time we didn’t know it was a boy, by the way). Isn’t it the cutest? I wish I had designed it myself…


Summer School

MIID_IMOFFTOTHEESUMMERSCHOOL_550X300PX_LRHey folks, here’s a great opportunity! You can now enroll for a free summerschool-course on pattern-design, brought to you by Make it in design (don’t you just love this little banner they made?). You can enroll as a beginner or if you’re more advanced, on a higher level. From July 28, you receive three assignments to work on, and if you submit your work you can win a prize, yay! I’ve enrolled as a beginner, which class or classes will you take?

Inspiration Friday: Marimekko

As we share a love of shoes, my mother and I visited the Kunsthal and its exhibition S.H.O.E.S. It was lovely, a kind of windowshopping with no budget. There are some pretty spectaculair shoes out there! When we had seen all shoes, we decided to visit the smaller exhibition on Marimekko as well. The exhibition was called Design for a happy life, and I understand why! These beautiful Finnish designs really put a smile on your face! I mostly knew Marimekko from their flower designs but they make a lot more and different inspiring prints. The designs, some dating back to the 1950’s, are so modern and fresh, really timeless. I also enjoyed the sketches that were on display, I’m a big fan of seeing works in progress!



(I’m sorry for the poor quality of photography. With the Little One to keep busy as well, I wasn’t exactly in the position to go for good quality…)


Inspiration Friday: Show Your Work

Recently I came across this article, ’10 ways to share your creativity and get discovered’. I thought it was very inspiring and wanted to share it with you. I love every single step that is described here (allright, except maybe number 9, although I understand where he’s coming from). I just wish I had the time to actually follow all these steps! I wish I could teach more, I wish I could share something with you guys every day, I wish I could tell good stories all day every day. But the reality at this moment is that The Little One takes up most of my free time, and even though that’s perfectly OK I would love to find a way to follow these ten steps nonetheless.

How about you, what do you think of these ten steps? Do you agree, disagree, like them or loathe them?

10 ways to share creativity