With the due-date fast approaching (as in: tomorrow) it was time to make at least one thing especially for Baby #2. Otherwise I’ll have to hear the rest of our life how un-special number 2 must be to us because mummy didn’t make anything especially for him/her, and we wouldn’t want that!

So I made him/her a blanket from four linnen tea-towels illustrated by Femke Veltkamp. I bought these a while ago and added some very soft green fleece to it. I hope it’ll keep him/her warm for many years to come!

(And no, I couldn’t be bothered to do some proper ironing for the photo…)


Gosh, I totally forgot to show you the finished piece of the coloringpage I was working on before I went on maternityleave. So here it is! When you visit cityhall in Rotterdam you can get yourself a copy and start coloring.

Coloringpage cityhall Rotterdam by Rivka de Jonge

I had a lot of fun making it. Luckily, the mayor liked it too (‘Fantastic!’ was his reaction, phew!) so that makes it even more fun for me. Nothing better than a happy client!

Alice in Wonderland

Moleskine has a new limited edition journal out, with a lovely Alice in Wonderland theme. Adorable! What I like about the Moleskine community is that they occasionally host creativity challenges, which are fun to participate in. I just submitted my work for this new challenge about your own Wonderland. It was a mixed media diorama I made a while ago, but fit this theme perfectly. If you like, you can vote for my work here, and if I win, I get some lovely Moleskine goodies. Which would be pretty nice of course…

Alice in Wonderland diorama

Childrens’ inspiration

 A colleague was cleaning up her stuff and had a suitcase full of old childrens’ books she was getting rid of. Of course I was very interested and had a look today. I choose some extremely inspiring work, so colorful and lively! 

My maternityleave is making me extremely relaxed, or should I say lazy, as I’m doing nothing but sit in the sun and knit. But talking with my colleague about illustrating, materials, techniques and inspiring illustrators made me want to pick up a pencil or some gouache again to draw things myself!


My workinglife is extremely busy as I’m rushing to meet deadlines before I go on maternityleave. Fortunately it’s all great things I’m working on. So this is my creative and chaotic workspace at the moment. What does your workspace look like right now?