New website!

I’m so proud of my new website, the design is amazing! My talented darling K made it for me. I’m so pleased with it, it looks a thousand times better than my old site. It’s a not a replacement of this blog by the way, so don’t worry about this blog disappearing!



It’s been a bit quiet on this blog. I try to spend more time offline and in my offline world there’s enough to keep me busy! I’ve been writing again (if you understand Dutch, you can read my stuff here) and I’m teaching some creative workshops at my favorite local yarn store, Ja Wol. The first one that’s coming up is weaving, on March 14th. I’ll show you how to make a little something you can put up on your wall, it’s so much fun! Other workshops I teach there are embroidery, needlebinding and woolspinning. There’s also plenty of other awesome workshops in the knitting department for you to take, if you fancy learning some new skills. I hope to see you there sometime soon!


Nothing Special

Gosh is it almost December already? How the year has flown by, I can’t believe it. The past couple of months have been absolutely crazy, with amazing highs and terrible lows. It’s literally been about life and death and everything in between. Now I’m taking a little (forced) break and doing nothing but sleep, make my own Christmas decorations and do some baking and cooking.

Inspired by Michel I also picked up my camera again to shoot a photo a day in black and white. I don’t manage everyday but that’s ok. I’m doing it for me, not to win some award. No stress there. And the topics are boring anyway, nothing special, I just shoot things in and around the house. But doing it in black and white forces me a bit to focus more on composition and depth of field, which is nice. And sometimes they’re just plain out of focus. That’s ok too, life isn’t always razorsharp, isn’t it?

A photo a day in black and white

Landscapes and Things

Today I ran into an former colleague of mine. We chatted about this, that and kids, and it turned out he had done a photography course. I took a peek at his website and it made me so happy, I love his work! I’m a big fan of wide open spaces, of urban landscapes, of industrialization and decay. It actually made me miss my own photography so much, I really missed going into the harbour myself to take pictures of the rawness of the area like I did years ago. In fact, I just missed photography, period.

I really wanted to share his work with you as a little inspiration. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire me to pick up to the camera again…

Photo by Michel de la Vieter

(photo by Michel de la Vieter)

Icelandic knitting

In my quest to better myself as a knitter, I attended two workshops by the awesome Ragga Eíriksdottír, organized by my favorite local yarn store. On Fridaynight I learned all sorts of techniques to make the perfect mitten (not yet finished, so no pictures for you there), and all Sunday I spent making a little hooded cardigan in the traditional Icelandic way.

Knited mini hoodie

And knitting the traditional Icelandic way means: knitting in the round and then cutting your garment. Yes. CUTTING. Also known as steeking. Very, very scary indeed, but awesome once done succesfully!

Knitted mini hoodieI’m a very happy girl now: I learned so much, challenged myself, and am dying to learn even more. Now I’ve made this cute little mini hoodie (which just fits one of The Little One’s stuffed toys), I want to make a grownup version so I can actually wear it myself!