This week in pictures: 2012, week 38

Oh wow, what a great weekend that was! Rest of the week too, don’t worry! The past week I really enjoyed: this beautiful view inside the World Trade Center in Rotterdam, I had to interview someone there // my weekly sewinglesson // homemade tomatosoup // bookbinding // picking colors for a scarf designed by Haakt // booking a flight to Japan! A dream come true! // making a package for a customer // (hosting) the (first?) Real-Life Meetup (also known als RLM) with all these great people // getting presents from Ria (the blue stationery set) and Nina (the notebook on the right and the cute gifttags)!


This week in pictures: 2012, week 37

Ha! It just feels like I’ve fitted two weeks into the past week! Since I’ve done so much and it’s been such a great week, I thought this was the perfect time to be grateful for all the things I did again (not that I’m never grateful, but it’s nice to share). So I’m grateful for: learning how to sew at Naaicafé Caroline Vogel (how cute is this skirt I made in two lessons?) // the unexpected sunshine when I was sitting down by the river, before I had a great appointment with Lisa Manuels , to make some great plans for the near future // this beautiful little piece of green in the city where they’re builing the new market-hall // this beautiful sky // attending the wedding of O and A, and the party afterwards, I wish them all the happiness in the world together // learning to make this felted ring // winning this cute little leather book from NicX // a whole lot of fresh organic tomatoes and eggplants from K’s brother // a fun trip with the watertaxi.

This week in pictures: 2012, week 36

Gosh, I had such a great time last night, dancing all night long to the beats of DJ I-F. Awesome! The rest of the week was also pretty awesome. Here’s why: I saw a beautiful sea of lavender // This quote on the Kunsthal made me laugh (‘Art is arrogant and we’d like to keep it that way’) // I had a great time making a stopmotion // I enjoyed the view at maybe one of the best spots in this city, at the end of the Lloydkade // I renewed my passport which means I can travel the world again // The first workshop I ever gave was such a great experience, so inspiring and so much fun! I’ll definitely do that again!

This week in pictures: 2012, week 35

And it’s September already, can you believe how time flies? So the last week of August I: Enjoyed the view of on of my favorite spots in the city, Leuvehaven // learned to sew with an overlock machine // ate a delicious sandwich in the sun, with K // started out at a new yoga spot // made healthy and (if I made say so myself) delicious tuna-salad // enjoyed the beautiful sky // finished my four-day course in conceptdesign // finally scanned in some filmrolls which I still hadn’t digitalized.