Inspiration Friday: The Book Art Fair

Boekkunstbeurs / Book art fairIf you love books and anything to do with paper, I suggest you visit the Book Art Fair this weekend! Get inspired by all the beautiful art made from paper, buy inspiring books on bookbinding, or stock up on your letterpress-supplies. Sadly I won’t be going this year (say hi to my mother when you see her!), but I had a great time last year and will definitely go again next year!


Inspiration Friday: Chez Chouke

Notebook by Chez ChoukeSitting across the table at the screenprinting workshop was someone I didn’t know. But I liked her right away. She was wearing a spectacular brooche which she, as it turned out, made herself. She also had a notebook with her. Also made herself.

Back home I bumped into her blog, Chez Chouke. I couldn’t stop admiring her very inspiring header, and then I couldn’t stop reading the posts. Stories about things she did, places she visited, DIY projects (with honest funny sentences like ‘such a fake picture, I’m not lefthanded, but I can’t handle my camera with my left hand’), Swedish Hasbeens, letterpress-workshops, bookbinding, flowers…  I love it all!

It doesn’t look like the sun will be shining today, so I suggest you make yourself a cup of tea, get some chocolate, curl up on the couch and read this blog. Enjoy!

screenshot Chez Chouke

This week in pictures: 2013, week 24

On Monday, my last day at work, I had a ‘babyshowerlunch’ (as my colleagues called it) and I enjoyed good company and delicious food, and got spoiled with lovely gifts! Then my maternityleave started! On Thursday I had my last bookbindinglesson, so I finished my projects and said goodbye. I also spent the week on the first assignment of the Visual Journaling course organised by Camp Pikaland, which was a lot of fun. Then we spent a great and relaxing weekend in Zeeland. We walked on the beach, tasted delicous icecream and enjoyed just being together.

Inspiration Friday: Boekbinderij Papyrus

Yesterday was my last lesson at Boekbinderij Papyrus. In ten nights, I not only learned a lot about bookbinding, but I was also very inspired by the lovely environment, the great materials I had at at my disposal, and the other students and their projects. These students have been coming there for years, so a lot of what they made was out of my league, but seeing the techniques they used, the beautiful paper, their ideas, was just a great source of inspiration for a beginner like me.

Now I can look back at the things I made (of which you see a selection below) and use them as inspiration for myself, to keep practising and get better at bookbinding. And maybe in half a year or a year’s time, I might just return to the lovely teacher Wilma to learn more!

By the way, if a series of lessons is too much for you: Wilma also organises lovely one-day workshops!

See you at the Swan Market?

On Sunday, May 26, I’ll be sharing a stand at the Swan Market with my lovely snailmail-friend Mouseblossom. Fingers crossed that there will be no rain!

In the paper-category, I’ll be selling my handbound books, little notebooks and giftsets and cards. In the fabric-section you can buy bags and purses made from recycled fabric. And there’s some special stuff from Indonesia too, designed by my dear travelling friends, handmade in Bali. Come and see me at the Swan Market if you’d like to know what that is all about!