Maybe you saw on my Instagram the awesome portrait Marloes de Vries drew of The Little One? It was so cute, and of course I thought it really looked like him, but other people said so too so it’s true! It’s amazing how she can capture someone’s face and personality in pencil, ink and watercolors. I’m jealous in a healthy way.

Inspired by Marloes I decided to give it a go myself. As one of my goals is to make more time to illustrate (and experiment more to develop my own style) I sat down and drew a bunch of faces in different ways. Well, not completely different, but in different ways with pencil, ink and watercolors as that’s what I always use one way or another. I forgot gouache, but I’ll do that another time. It was fun! Some I like, some I really don’t, but that’s all part of experimenting. I must definitely do this more often!


It’s been a while since I actually drew something. I was just too busy with other things, I didn’t have or make the time to sit down and do things I love. A couple of nights ago, during my little ‘STOP!’ break, I flicked through ‘The Creative License’ by Danny Gregory instead of spending my evening googling, facebooking and instagramming. Immediately I was so inspired again, I jumped up, grabbed my visual journal and made a watercoloured version of this sketch.

Visual journal by Rivka de Jonge

I started out as usual. With pencil I sketched what I wanted to draw, coloured it in with ink, and grabbed my fineliner to outline the drawing. But then I stopped and I looked. I looked again. Wait a minute, was the fineliner really necessary? Did I really want to draw the sharp, dark lines around what I just put on paper? No! I looked again and I felt it didn’t belong. I really liked the look of things just as they were. I just drew something with no pressure at all, no care in the world whether it was good enough or not, and by not doing things like I always did them, I created something I liked very much!

Of course, when I tried to do it again a few days later by drawing my workplace, I wasn’t as happy with the result as I was with the other illustration. That’s ok though, that’s what experimenting is all about!

The workplace, illustrated by Rivka de Jonge

Space and beyond

As a kid I wanted to be an astronaut (yes, that’s the reason I always draw these space-things). Then I went to highschool and discovered you actually had to be great at science, physics and mathematics. Yikes. Another dream down the drain.

Thank god for people like André Kuipers to give people like me the next best thing, the opportunity to see space through his eyes. This video NASA made from the photographs he and his colleagues made just gives me the goosebumps everytime. And my favorite bits aren’t even seeing the polar lights or comet Lovejoy, but seeing the earth with parts of the ISS, like you’re actually sitting in the spacestation yourself. Amazing!

This song is currently on repeat since I decided to join this year’s NaNoWriMo to practise my writing again. What better subject to write about than space? Well, it’s not really about space, but about a man who thinks he’s an astronaut. I mean, why not? We all have dreams, don’t we? What’s was your childhood dream?

Landscapes and Things

Today I ran into an former colleague of mine. We chatted about this, that and kids, and it turned out he had done a photography course. I took a peek at his website and it made me so happy, I love his work! I’m a big fan of wide open spaces, of urban landscapes, of industrialization and decay. It actually made me miss my own photography so much, I really missed going into the harbour myself to take pictures of the rawness of the area like I did years ago. In fact, I just missed photography, period.

I really wanted to share his work with you as a little inspiration. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire me to pick up to the camera again…

Photo by Michel de la Vieter

(photo by Michel de la Vieter)