Back and Forth

With only two weeks to go for this year I thought it was the perfect time to look back, and think about what’s ahead.

My word for 2014 was slow, I really wanted to take it slow this year. Did I? Did I do what I wanted to do? Well, I dusted the lomo cameras off allright, and I did shoot a couple of rolls of film. But they’re still not developed. That’s taking ‘slow’ to a whole new level… Time spent on social media remains a slippery slope. I guess social media-time is just something I’ll always need be very aware about. I did develop my knittingskills and made more drawings and illustrations. I baked more cakes and cooked more healthy meals. I ran 5k but did less yoga. I played more with The Little One, but I wish there was more qualitytime with K. And I’m not quite sure I went outside more to enjoy nature…

Even though I did stick to some resolutions, overall I feel I didn’t exactly take it more slow this year. I’ve been taking a lot of care of other people, with a family/household to run and a very demanding job, and combined that with buying a new house, a tiring first trimester of a new pregnancy, and deaths and illnesses of people I love. I feel like I’ve not really been living this past year, it felt more like surviving.

Illustrated selfie

So my word for 2015 is me. Yes, me. I need take more care of me. I need to be more aware of myself, of how I feel, of how I am doing. I need to be doing well and enjoying life and doing things I love, I need to set priorities straight and make more time for my creative side, and then I can be a good mother, girlfriend, daughter, friend or colleague.

How about you, what’s 2015 going to be about for you?


It’s been a while since I actually drew something. I was just too busy with other things, I didn’t have or make the time to sit down and do things I love. A couple of nights ago, during my little ‘STOP!’ break, I flicked through ‘The Creative License’ by Danny Gregory instead of spending my evening googling, facebooking and instagramming. Immediately I was so inspired again, I jumped up, grabbed my visual journal and made a watercoloured version of this sketch.

Visual journal by Rivka de Jonge

I started out as usual. With pencil I sketched what I wanted to draw, coloured it in with ink, and grabbed my fineliner to outline the drawing. But then I stopped and I looked. I looked again. Wait a minute, was the fineliner really necessary? Did I really want to draw the sharp, dark lines around what I just put on paper? No! I looked again and I felt it didn’t belong. I really liked the look of things just as they were. I just drew something with no pressure at all, no care in the world whether it was good enough or not, and by not doing things like I always did them, I created something I liked very much!

Of course, when I tried to do it again a few days later by drawing my workplace, I wasn’t as happy with the result as I was with the other illustration. That’s ok though, that’s what experimenting is all about!

The workplace, illustrated by Rivka de Jonge

Nothing Special

Gosh is it almost December already? How the year has flown by, I can’t believe it. The past couple of months have been absolutely crazy, with amazing highs and terrible lows. It’s literally been about life and death and everything in between. Now I’m taking a little (forced) break and doing nothing but sleep, make my own Christmas decorations and do some baking and cooking.

Inspired by Michel I also picked up my camera again to shoot a photo a day in black and white. I don’t manage everyday but that’s ok. I’m doing it for me, not to win some award. No stress there. And the topics are boring anyway, nothing special, I just shoot things in and around the house. But doing it in black and white forces me a bit to focus more on composition and depth of field, which is nice. And sometimes they’re just plain out of focus. That’s ok too, life isn’t always razorsharp, isn’t it?

A photo a day in black and white

Landscapes and Things

Today I ran into an former colleague of mine. We chatted about this, that and kids, and it turned out he had done a photography course. I took a peek at his website and it made me so happy, I love his work! I’m a big fan of wide open spaces, of urban landscapes, of industrialization and decay. It actually made me miss my own photography so much, I really missed going into the harbour myself to take pictures of the rawness of the area like I did years ago. In fact, I just missed photography, period.

I really wanted to share his work with you as a little inspiration. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire me to pick up to the camera again…

Photo by Michel de la Vieter

(photo by Michel de la Vieter)